Hughesnet Fusion® 

Responsive Satellite and Wireless Internet Now Available in Certain Areas

  • Dependable: A more reliable online experience 

  • Responsive: Stream, surf, and game with low latency 

  • Fast: Up to 100 Mbps download speeds

Happy family using fast internet at home.
Illustration of fusion internet.

Satellite Connectivity Beyond Limits

For users who want faster internet in remote areas, Hughesnet Fusion is a game changer. Fusion plans combine satellite and wireless technologies to create a single, stronger connection. With a Fusion internet plan, your home internet will be faster and more reliable than before.

Experience better streaming, browsing, and gaming with speeds up to 100 Mbps. Get lower latency and faster response times when you upgrade your internet connection to Hughesnet Fusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hughesnet Fusion better?

Hughesnet Fusion is faster and more responsive than traditional satellite internet. While Hughesnet satellite plans provide dependable internet to rural areas, Hughesnet Fusion elevates your online experience so you can browse social media, stream movies, and play multiplayer online games with less lag. Upgrade your home internet today when you sign up for Hughesnet Fusion.

What is the fastest internet speed for Hughesnet?

The fastest Hughesnet Fusion internet speed is 100 Mbps, with a Fusion Max plan. The fastest satellite-only plan, Hughesnet Select, offers speeds up to 50 Mbps, which is still fast enough to stream, browse, and work online without issue. Check availability to see which Hughesnet plans are available in your area, and see additional services to enhance your Hughesnet internet experience.

What is Hughesnet Fusion and how does it differ from other Hughesnet plans?

Hughesnet Fusion plans combine the best of satellite and wireless technologies into a single, powerful connection. When you sign up for a Fusion plan, your connection will be faster and more responsive so you can stream and game online with less latency. 

Other Hughesnet plans, on the other hand, use the latest satellite technology to keep your home connected, no matter where you live. While Hughesnet Fusion is currently only available in certain areas, Hughesnet satellite plans are offered across the contiguous US. If your home has a clear view of the southern sky, you can experience Hughesnet’s reliable satellite internet.

What speeds can I expect with Hughesnet Fusion?

With a Hughesnet Fusion Max plan, you can expect speeds up to 100 Mbps. That means you can quickly download movies and TV shows, play online multiplayer games, and browse social media to your heart’s content. With unlimited data1, a Hughesnet Fusion plan means you can enjoy a better online experience, whenever you want for as long as you want.

Is Hughesnet Fusion available in my area, and how can I check for availability?

Hughesnet Fusion plans are currently offered in select areas of the country. Check availability to see if Hughesnet Fusion is available in your area, or view our customer service page to speak with a support agent about where Fusion plans are currently offered.

The more connected devices you have, the quicker you will consume your Priority Data. Hughesnet is not recommended as a full-time video streaming replacement for TV service or console-based gaming activities because they quickly consume your Priority Data. Multiplayer games requiring rapid response are only supported with Hughesnet Fusion plans. VPNs, where you sign into a VPN application to access your work network directly, will significantly reduce service speeds. All plans are subject to the Hughesnet Subscriber Agreement.

Service plan availability varies based on geographical area.

Broadband Labels

As of April 10th, 2024, the FCC requires all internet service providers to provide broadband labels for home internet service plans. The broadband labels are intended to help consumers find the best plan for their needs. We value transparency and are happy to provide details regarding our service plans' data, speeds, and fees. Please note that service plan availability is geographically dependent. Not all service plans are available to all consumers.