Hughesnet® Express Repair

Quickly recover from service interruptions with expedited Hughesnet repair services.

  • Included with business internet service

  • Next-day appointments weekdays

  • Reduced fees for onsite visits

Repair technician shakes hands with happy customer inside home.

How to Contact Hughesnet Express Repair

Hughesnet repair numbers for ordering, upgrading, and scheduling.

Current Customer Needs

Start a service request or add Express Repair with the Hughesnet service center.

Why HughesNet Express Repair?

When it's business, every minute counts.

24/7 Phone Support

Most Hughesnet problems can be fixed by phone. Tech support is always open, giving you a lifeline no matter what hours you keep.

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Expedited Repair

Hughesnet technicians arrive to patch things up by 5pm the next weekday. That’s up to 9 business days faster than a standard tech visit.

Cost Savings

Hughesnet Express Repair costs $0 extra on top of your monthly business internet rate—and onsite visits cost just $24.99 per appointment.

More Hughesnet Business Add-Ons

Hughesnet Business Voice

FREE equipment ($75 value)

Feature-rich VoIP business phone that doesn’t interfere with your internet service.

  • Save $20/mo. for 3 months

  • Unlimited Calling in the US and Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HughesNet Express Repair?

Hughesnet Express Repair is a tech support service offering expedited onsite repairs at reduced rates.

  • Next-day service Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

  • Included with all business internet packages

  • Onsite repairs just $24.99 per appointment

How do I request Hughesnet Express Repair?

  • New customers. To add Hughesnet Express Repair to your new internet service, call 1-844-715-0783.

  • Current customers. To start a service request or upgrade to Express Repair, call 1-866-347-3292.

What is the Hughesnet Express process?

  1. Call tech support. If you experience a service interruption, call 1-866-347-3292 for help troubleshooting (open 24/7).

  2. Schedule visit. If Hughesnet cannot resolve your problem via phone, your agent will schedule an onsite visit for the next business day.

  3. Await repairs. Between 8am and 5pm the next weekday, your technician will arrive to diagnose the issues and perform repairs.

What issues does Hughesnet Express Repair cover?

Express Repair covers the labor and equipment needed to restore service after an outage within Hughesnet’s control.

  • Defective Hughesnet equipment or cabling

  • Antenna repositioning on the current mounting configuration

  • Cost of parts required to restore service

  • Preexisting issues on the Service Plan

  • Power surge on a properly connected service setup

For more information on covered and non-covered repairs, call 1-866-347-3292.

How quickly can HughesNet Express Repair technicians respond?

With the Express Repair Premium plan, Hughesnet repair technicians respond by 5pm the next weekday if your phone agent can’t solve your problem first. 

To help prioritize business repairs on the Hughesnet network, Hughesnet offers Express Repair Premium at no extra cost with all business internet plans.

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